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We thank you for choosing for your trading and investment requirements. At, it has always been our continuous endeavor to provide you best in class products and services.

Last year we launched Equity SIP to help you accumulate stocks systematically. SIP not only eliminates the risk of timing the market, but also reduces risk of market volatility and helps benefit from Rupee Cost Averaging. With Equity SIP, you can choose to invest at a specified frequency - daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly in the stock of your choice along with Gold and Index ETFs.

We would like to inform you of the revision in our minimum brokerage with effect from October 1, 2011. The minimum brokerage rates for the SIP Investments are reduced to 15* or actual brokerage whichever is higher from current minimum brokerage 25. All other delivery trades would now attract 35* as the minimum brokerage or your actual brokerage rate which ever is higher. The second leg brokerage on intra day square off in derivatives would be 20 per lot instead of earlier 15 per lot.
We take this opportunity to introduce a few of the new product launches we have done to enhance your trading experience:
  • In Margin, we have T+2 days for bringing funds to take delivery of your stocks The myGTC which was launched recently allows you to keep your orders valid up to 30 days so that your orders get executed at your desired price without the hassle of tracking
  • We have introduced Profit order in Margin Plus where you can place both Profit order and Stop Loss order at the same time to help you in disciplined trading
  • E-Market watch which helps your track stock market with live streaming quotes of stocks / contracts of your choice
  • New Pension System (NPS) which helps fulfill your financial needs post retirement by accumulating a pension corpus under NPS
  • Capital gain calculator which eases your tax filing by generating Capital gain statement online for your equity portfolio

We thank you for choosing for your trading and investment needs and look forward to your continued patronage.