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We value and cherish your relationship with To maximise your trading opportunity and to make most of the market we bring you FuturePlus.

Key Features
  • Trade in Futures at lower Margin (more leverage)
  • Trade in Nifty with Margin as low as 13750* (5.5% Margin)
  • Option to convert- Convert to Futures and carry your position to the next day
  • Use Shares as Margin to create position in FuturePlus

Further, pay only 15** per lot on your second leg which makes your brokerage effective to only 0.028%, of your total trade value.

To Elaborate On How To Get More Leverage
*Say, you take a position in NIFTY Futures @ a market price 5000. Here your Initial Margin requirement in Futures would be 11% which would be 27500 per lot. Now with FuturePlus you can take a position with Initial Margin of 5.5% which would be 13750 only. This frees up 13750 per lot for you to take one more lot of Nifty.

How to place order in FuturePlus
As in all pages, order placement for all our products are uniform and simple for you to execute your order. You would need to visit our website, F&O page and click on Place Order. Under Product as shown in screen below, you would need to select Future Plus.

Likewise, you can view your FuturePlus orders & trades on the same Order Book & Trade Book pages, by selecting FuturePlus.
To keep view of your current contract status visit the 'OpenPosition' page. You can also place the square off order from this page.
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