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We are pleased to launch "myGTC" order a facility that gives you the flexibility to place your order which would remain open for 7 days and would get executed only when the stock reaches your desired price level.

Let me give you an example, lets say a stock A is currently trading at 1,000 and in the next 7 days you expect markets to fall and buy it at or below 900. With new "myGTC" order you can place an order today which would get executed only when the stock is at 900 or below. "myGTC" can help you enter the market at the levels you want to.

Similarly, if you are holding another stock quoting at 2,500 and want to book profits when price rises by 100 to 2,600. With new "myGTC" order you can place a sell order and within the next 7 days if stock reaches 2,600, we would automatically sell the stock for you as against you placing a Limit order over and over on a daily basis. Should you wish to modify your price in between you are always free to do so.

We expect this feature to be an enriching experience to you and a solution to your problem of timing the market. To help you get started please picture the screen shot below to see how this feature would look on the website.

All you have to do is mention the validity date upto which you wish to keep the order open or the order would stay open for maximum of 7 days from your date of placing order.

You can select a validity date less than or equal to the maximum validity date which would appear as the default date against the date field besides "myGTC" order validity. For example, if the trade date is May 23, 2011 then you can choose "myGTC" order validity date as less than or equal to May 29, 2011.