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We live in a world of NOW. Life can no longer wait for us to search through the papers to find the one required.

Here comes convenience at your ease FREE of charge!
We are pleased to announce the launch of new service (eSafe) to help you with the convenience and flexibility to store and retrieve your documents online into your secured account.

With eSafe, you can store documents in one central secure location and know that retrieval of your documents are just a few clicks away. eSafe helps eliminate your need to carry copies of your important documents as a physical photo copy.

Key Benefits
  • Secure and Accessible - Your eSafe ensures that your documents are secure and accessible only via a secure login
  • Anywhere, anytime access - Your eSafe is available to you from anywhere, via an Internet connection under your account login
  • No storage or retrieval hassles - Since your documents are stored in a digital format under your account, the account is available to you wherever you go
  • Durability and Longevity - Storage of documents in CDs or other portable media is prone to handling them with care, your eSafe lets you store your documents -> online, which ensures durability and longevity

Without waiting further you may want to check and start using eSafe by visiting Customer Service Page -> My Account-> Services-> eSafe.