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ICICIdirect understands the need for the right research to make the right investment decisions. ICICIdirect brings to you Equity Model Portfolio.

The arena of equity investments is like the menu card of a restaurant with a variety of products, suitable for different tastes and needs. Just as there is no one food that is best for everyone, there is no one investment that is best for all investors. The choice of investment options depends on the degree of risk an investor is comfortable with. In a disciplined investment approach, an investor chooses to optimise risk and return expectations by investing in the appropriate mix of available investment options across asset classes.

Investors should very carefully decide his/her risk appetite and the returns expectations. The failure to asses the same can lead to a dismal portfolio performance as equities are characterised by relatively high volatility. Also, it is vital is to decide the commitment period for which the investor is ready to keep the capital deployed. The following exhibit is a robust matrix interweaving all significant attributes of portfolio creation i.e. return expectations, risk profile, liquidity needs and investment horizon.

Keeping in mind the attributes of the above matrix, we at have built a direct equity indicative model portfolio as a guiding tool for investments in direct equities. The indicative model portfolio has been constructed on the premise that the clients understand the risks associated with investments in equity markets and are comfortable remaining invested in sound businesses over a long period of time. is introducing a comprehensive equity indicative model portfolio. The model portfolio contains a well balanced taste of large cap and quality midcap stocks, which, in our view, have the ability to deliver superior returns over a three to five year time frame.
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