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Demat Account Fee Schedule for Resident Non-Corporates (With effect from June 01, 2005 ):

  Fee Head DP Charges
1 A/c opening Charges NIL
2 Annual Services Charges Rs.500/-payable  1.In the month of April each year, for the accounts opened on or before March 31,2002. 

2. For the Accounts opened on or after April 1, 2002 , annual service charges are payable one year from account opening date & continued thereof

(That is if the account is opened on August 14, 2006 then it is charged for August 14, 2006 to August 13, 2007.) (waived for all customers for the first financial year in which they open the account) (Rs.450/- for customers receiving statement by e-mail)
3 Agreement Stamp Paper Rs. 100/-
4 Transaction Charges
  Market and Off market BUY Nil
  Market and Off-Market SELL Nil for trades through   0.04% (minimum Rs. 10/-) for e-instructions through internet   0.04% (minimum Rs. 15/-) for e-instructions through call center   0.04% (minimum Rs. 30/-) for instructions submitted at branches
  Extra charges for processing of TIFDs submitted late &nbsp   Rs. 10/- per ISIN for instructions submitted at branches
  5 Rejection/fails Rs.30/-
6 Demat Charges Rs.35/- per request and Rs. 2/- extra for each certificate
7 Remat Charges Rs. 20/- for each request form
8 Closure of Account Nil
9 Pledge Creation /Closure/Invocation/ Confirmation (% of value for each ISIN in each request) 0.02% (minimum Rs. 15/-), if ICICI Bank is counter party   0.04% (minimum Rs. 30/-), if ICICI Bank not a counter party
10 Additional Account Statements Rs. 20/-