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You will be required a small office and around 10+ clients who are regularly traders

You will require 1 lakh as a deposit to broker

Rs. 1 lakh or more for vsat connection, Otherwise there is cheaper option for it in internet + vpn connection which will cost you under Rs 5000.

Around 50k for your monthly bills like rent, light bills, phone bills, internet rent, vpn. Cost in advance for your convenience if you are not able to get clients in around 6 months.

10k as sebi registration fee for sub-broker (it is for 5year term).

If you are able to find 5 or more clients who trade daily, your total daily brokerage will be around 1500/- for trades in one lot in futures and also there won't be any worry for clients settlement or delivery.

If you are going for cash there will problem for limits to trade, delivery for settlements, cheque payment, cheque payout.

For F&O, your work will be limited with timeframe of 9 AM to 4:30 PM

For client search just find them through your friends and relatives, you will find 5 to 10 within them.

Dont forget to take deposit of around 20k to 50k as margin deposit from clients.

Refer and Earn: Once you open a Zerodha Account, you just need to refer your friends in trading circle. Just provide their contact details and Zerodha will take care of the complete account opening procedure. And you will get 10% share on all brokerage of your referred friends for lifetime. And the best part is, i will provide the same FREE Training for your friends as well.