Satyam Cinemas in Chennai (TN and Andhra) owned by SPI Cinemas is a classical example of a successful business purely out-playing its competitor by strong brand value build for a long period of time.

Some of their popular Theater names are Sathyam Cinemas, Escape Cinemas, S2, Luxe Cinemas

Lets quickly see what sets them apart from other cinemas in the city
  • They strictly do not allow anyone alcoholic or anyone causing disturbance to other audience
  • Great acoustics and ambiance which makes movie watching a pleasure
  • Best screen and seats
  • Catering to all viewers. Cinemas on all languages
  • Quality snacks (Popcorn especially, burgers, Pepsi and so on)
  • Enough car parking and bike parking for everyone. You will never need to worry about parking
These are not just advantages. In each area, they are way above other competitors and for a period of over 10 years. To put things in perspective, they are most preferred than National players like PVR, INOX, Fame Cinemas, Big cinemas and so on. All celebrities watch movies at Satyam.

So, how does this help them make more money and sustain competitive advantage
  • As they are most preferred theater, their shows run pretty much full house even during weekdays first show
  • As their viewers are most upper class and shows mostly full, advertising cost is double that of the competitors and business demand for adverting is also high
  • Due to high seat occupancy and upper class viewers, snack consumption like popcorn and Pepsi is high and in a time when snacks cost more than tickets, that's a huge revenue source for them
Below are some pics that show how their interiors beat that of their rivals. You will have to go to their theaters to feel the difference. You can book tickets online at

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