CBI has revealed the findings of one of the India's biggest corporate fraud –Ramalinga Raju’s Satyam case. CBI has said that the promoters and family of the company has wrongfully gained Rs 2,743 crore.
In its findings, CBI has stated that Satyam had inflated non-existent cash of Rs 5040 crore. It further said that that Satyam had understated liability of Rs 1,230 crore and over stated debt by Rs 490 crore.

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CBI has divulged that promoters of Satyam had floated 327 front companies and published inflated financials. Satyam had taken a loan of Rs 1230 crore loan from the front companies which are not even accounted in books. It further taken unaccounted loan of Rs 1493.84 crore from banks.
The investigation also revealed that Satyam had executed projects in the name of seven non-existent companies. The seven companies include Mobitel, Cellnet, E Care, Synony, Northsea, Autotech and Hargreaves.
Earlier on 18 December, 2008, its employee Joe Abraham had mailed the scam details and circulated among board members, informed CBI.

Source : Moneycontrol