I saw a movie in fame cinemas Chennai in the Arcot Road, Porur. Although the fame cinemas screen is good and the mall looks clean, there are quite a few things that will not make people come back again to watch movies there.

Below is the few immediate things you will notice.
  • The Arcot Road gets ripped by rains and is generally traffic prone
  • The parking in the mall is designed like a Car service station, where cars can be lifted up and down for space optimization. The parking space is too small and you would be frustrated if you own a wide car.
  • If you book tickets online, you will need to pickup tickets from ground floor and then proceed to 3rd floor (Its more convenient with a ticket vending machine at 3rd Floor)
  • No non-veg in the Fame cinemas snack spot. Its all Veg and priced high of-course
  • No ATM's within the mall and no credit card accepted at the snacks counter.

These are just little things and its funny how little things drive away people from coming back. I am definitely not going back, unless i have the most desperate situation to be there.