Iruttu Kadai Halwa is most popularly known for the best tasting Halwa made anywhere! The shop used to operate on Candle Light and hence the name "Iruttu Kadai" (Means Dark Shop in Tamil as it used to operate with minimal lighting). The Taste secret is as mysterious as Coke's ingredient secrets (May be an exaggeration).

Below's a photo of the shop in the evening. The shop is open only for 90 minutes every day. It opens at 5:30 PM everyday and they mostly close before 7 PM when all their stock is sold off. And they sell only Halwa and nothing else.

We were discussing the other day in office, as to how it became so popular (Tamilian's across the globe know about it). After few minutes of discussion, it became very clear.

It was their unique operating style and timings that must have been the secret to their success and brand value. Yes, they have been operating for generations adding value to their brand. But, when all other shops are open over 12 Hours a day, They operate for merely an hour or more. People queue-up to buy Halwa when its open for only an hour.

Any visitor who come's to the City would hear about its unique taste and that you can get Halwa from that Shop only between 5:30 PM to 7 PM. Anyone hearing that story would insist on buying Halwa from that shop only. There are tons of Halwa shops and other sweet shops. But, they thrive selling only Halwa powered by their strong Brand Value.

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