Reliance Securities offers RMAX where you pay subscription amount. You are committing to trade and committing to pay brokerage whether you trade or not. Which is not mostly beneficial unless you can make profits every month, every year.

Various RMAX plans are RMax-2500, RMax-5000, RMax-10000, RMax-25000, RMax-50000, RMax-100000 and RMax-200000. Pretty insane as you go up. only R-Fixed is suitable for retail traders

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R-Fixed Online percentage brokerage structure is for Online Direct clients and RSL Online Partner clients. This Brokerage slab is exclusively for Online Customers that are trading themselves and are NOT taking any RSL Dealer support

R-Fixed Online Brokerage Charges
  • Delivery Cash - 0.40%
  • Delivery Intra-day - 0.04% (4 paisa)
  • Delivery Futures - 0.04%
  • Delivery Options - Rs 40 per lot

Other Charges
  • DP Charges (AMC) - Rs 300
  • Pledge set up/Removal/Invocation - Rs 25
  • Call & Trade desk (Call Centre) - Rs 15 per order
  • Equity Charges (First five enquiries are free every month) - Rs 5 per enquiry
  • Delayed Payment Charged(DPC) - 21 % per annum (18 % per annum for % brokerage clients)

Difference between DEMAT and Trading Account