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HSBC Brokerage Charges
  • Delivery Cash - 0.75%
  • Intra-day Cash - 0.05% (5 paisa)
  • Futures - 0.05% (5 paisa)
  • Options - Rs 100 per lot

Minimum Brokerage - In cases where the brokerage generated is less than Rs 25 per executed order in cash segment, brokerage rate would be applied at 2.5% of the order value or Rs 25, whichever is lower

Other Charges
  • Annual Maintenance charge - Rs 600 (Rs 150 to be paid on quarterly
  • basis)
  • Pledge charges Creation/ Closure and confirmation of both - 0.02% of the value of securities, subject of a minimum of Rs 25
  • Pledge charges for Invocation - 0.03% of the transaction charges subject of minimum of Rs 50
  • Failed / Rejected transactions - Rs 25 per transaction
  • Demat Rejection charges - Rs 35 per rejection
  • Dematerialization Charges - Rs 2 per certificate plus courier charges of Rs 35 per demat request

Difference between DEMAT and Trading Account