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Currency of a country has a direct impact from its economic changes. Euro Crises, US Debt Crisis and other Global events have influenced the currencies worldwide.

Globalization has led to increased interdependency amongst financial markets, which have led to rising volatility in currency markets worldwide. The current global economic scenario has seen Indian Rupee moving 12% against US Dollar, dollar moving 7% against the euro in last 2 months.

Volumes in Currency Trading are on a high and provide intra-day trading movements, which can be en-cashed during the day.
Currency trading requires reasonable Margins to trade. Contract size of USD INR is 1000 and contract value is approximately Rs 56,000 (at 56). Margin required to take position of 1 lot is Rs 2,350. 10 paise of currency movement is equivalent to Rs 100 profit or loss i.e. approximately 4.26% on the margins excluding brokerage and statutory levies.

Apart from trading individuals, major participants in the currency market like Banks, Financial Institutions, Large Corporate and Governments, help maintain huge liquidity.
We invite you to be part of this exciting world of currency trading. provides a platform to be a part of this growing opportunity. You can trade in 4 global currency futures on your account.