We value and cherish your relationship with ICICIdirect.com. To maximise your trading opportunity and to make most of the market we bring you FuturePlus.

Key Features:
  • Trade in Futures at lower Margin (more leverage)
  • Trade in Nifty with Margin as low as 13750* (5.5% Margin)
  • Option to convert- Convert to Futures and carry your position to the next day
  • Use Shares as Margin to create position in FuturePlus

Further, pay only Rs 20** per lot on your second leg which makes your brokerage effective to only 0.029%, of your total trade value.

To elaborate on how to get more leverage
*Say, you take a position in NIFTY Futures @ a market price 5000. Here your Initial Margin requirement in Futures would be 11% which would be 27500 per lot. Now with FuturePlus you can take a position with Initial Margin of 5.5% which would be 13750 only. This frees up 13750 per lot for you to take one more lot of Nifty.