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In line with our constant endeavor to enhance the customer experience and offer integrated services with new products and improved processes we are pleased to Launch "SPAN based margining for Futures and Options" on the online trading platform for Derivative customers.
SPAN (Standardized portfolio analysis of risk) is a leading margin system, adopted by most Exchanges around the world. SPAN based on some predetermined parameters calculate margin assessing the one-day risk for a trader's account.
SPAN based margining will bring enhanced efficiency in the Derivatives margining system and provide you with the benefit of reduced margins on hedged positions taken in futures and options in the same underlying. Hedged Positions in Derivatives market also restrict losses. Moreover, you can use multiple derivatives strategies and benefit from SPAN based margining.

Key Features:
  • Benefit in the form of reduced margins while trading in derivatives for taking a hedged futures and options position.
  • Utilise the saved margins to trade in either F&O or equity
  • New Margin calculator with Margin requirements for both Futures and Options displayed on the same page

Benefit For Traders:
  • Hedging their positions in derivatives by taking counter position in same underlying
  • Dealing in derivatives strategies

For Activating SPAN
Visit > Customer Service My Account > Choose F&O Margining > Select SPAN > Submit