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What is Profit Order
An order providing you flexibility and a feature with which you could place or modify your expected profit amount order till the time your position remains open. You can even place profit order later till your position remains open.

What is MarginPLUS
MarginPlus is an Intraday Order Placement feature that allows you to take a position at Market Price, with a cover order by specifying your Stop Loss Trigger Price (SLTP) along with a Profit Order (only with BSE).

Why MarginPLUS
  • Disciplined trading with in-built compulsory stop loss feature
  • Take positions with 2-4% funds only for Intra-day
  • Eliminate the need of tracking your position through out the day

It is our continuous endeavor to provide you the best in class products and services to enhance your trading experience. It is our pleasure to inform, that you can now place a Profit Order till the time your position remains open in MarginPLUS in BSE.
With this modification, you can now place profit order from Open Positions and need not keep the compulsory 2% higher Profit order value from the purchase price.

So let's say stock A is trading at 1000 and you buy 100 shares. You are anticipating the stock to touch 1010 and higher. So want to place the order at a market price of 1000 and keep a stop loss of 990. Now after your order is executed you can place your Profit order at 1010 or keep rev! ising your profit price upwards.
This would create convenience and make you free from the hassle of constantly monitoring your positions. The flexibility is completely with you!

For quick and ease of order placement we have introduced certain calculators which you can use.
You have the choice to trade either through MarginPLUS in BSE with Profit order along with Stop Loss order or can trade through MarginPLUS with only Stop Loss order i.e. without the profit order. Placing profit order from open position page would be condition free and you can place order after seeing the price at which you have created the position.
We expect that you find this feature valuable and enriching. Further details pertaining to the current changes, are explained in the Frequently Asked Questions.