Twitter is an online Social networking service like Facebook, launched in 2006.

One could instantly feel why Facebook was popular. But, same is not the case with Twitter. When i first heard about Twitter and saw it, i just did not feel anything special about it. I am sure a lot others are still wondering why its Used, Successful and Popular.

The answer lies in the subtle difference in the way Twitter works. In earlier days, Facebook only allowed two way connectivity (I see you, you see me) between Friends or two people who know each other. But, Twitter allowed users to connect one way (I can see you, you need not see me). In other words, Twitter allowed A to follow B, without B having to follow A.

So, how did this subtle difference help Twitter build its own unique user base, while Facebook was still awesome. Twitter became successful because of Celebrities and their need to connect to their fans one way.

Sachin Tendulkar is the most popular sports person in India and madly worshiped. Now, while millions of Indians will want to connect to Sachin Tendulkar, he would not want the same (Get spammed by tons of friend requests, mails and so on). But, he still would want a medium to communicate one-way with his fans. Twitter was the perfect solution.

Facebook today, has ways to connect one-way. But, Twitter is most preferred medium for one way connectivity, especially for Celebrities.

Twitter made Revenues of 140 Million USD in 2010 as per wikipedia, with a user base of 200 Million. It just proves, how a subtle difference can be decisive to be successful and popular. Twitter is planning to come out with an IPO soon

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