Intra-Day - Beginner's trading question in Equity / Stocks - Check online trading platform...
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Beginner's trading question

  1. Check online trading platform

  2. Sir, I am absolutely new in share trading and will like to know the minimum fund required to start trading.

  3. How to invest in the forex market and get a huge profit ??

  4. Is there any listed asset reconstruction companies in india?

  5. I am also new to this forum and really like the videos as well.

  6. Hello how can i start

  7. Quote Originally Posted by rakhi View Post
    There are many question on mind when we are in Beginner's in trading my first question is How much money do I need to get started?
    Equity intraday trades can be done with as little as 300 Rs .... with 20 times exposure, you can trade with 6000 Rs .... to practice and learn, its ideal

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