I was using Airtel post paid for like 4 years now. My STD calls were charged at 1.50 Rs per minute. And my bills went pretty high cause of STD calls.

I called up Airtel customer care to check if better rates were available with Airtel for STD calls. Customer Care informed me that, there's "Super Saver 199" scheme under which the call rates are as below,
  • STD Calls to landline or mobiles at 50 paise per minute
  • 600 Local mobile-mobile Free as part of monthly rental of 199 Rs
  • 30 paise per local call exceeding 600 minutes to other mobiles and 20 paise to airtel mobiles.
  • 150 Local SMS Free as part of monthly rental
  • 150 National SMS Free as part of monthly rental

I was told that they have this scheme from the last 3 months. This saves a lot for me on the STD Calls (66% reduction). Wish i had called customer care a little before.

Those using Airtel postpaid should call-up customer care to get better rates on their billing. Cheers!

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