I love playing Table Tennis / Ping Pong and my hand is big and i normally find the racket handle too small to fit my hand when i grip it.

So, i tried to experiment, by cutting off a wood piece from an old low cost TT bat and attaching with glue (Fevicol SH - available in India) to the bat i use now. You can get similar glue whichever country you are in.

I thought the glue bond will be weak, but its way too stronger than i imagined and its now perfect. Its as good as a long handle which came from the manufacturer.

All i needed was below
  • an old bat from which i could cut off handle piece for the length needed
  • Hacksaw Blade to cut the piece from old bat
  • a file to flatten handle surface to be glued
  • Fevicol SH (glue)

Attaching pics below for reference.

Use Hack Saw and Cut Handle Piece from an Old or Cheap Bat

A Close Up of the Cut

End Result - A Longer Handle Custom Made