Comparison Table Of Brokerage Charges In India
Here you will find a table comparing intraday brokerage charges and delivery brokerage charges charged by different online brokers in India : Sharekhan, ICICIdirect, Motilal Oswal, Religare, SBICAP Securities, Angel Broking, 5paisa, Indiabulls, UTI Securities, HDFC Securities, Indiainfoline, Reliance Money. I constantly try to update this table and try to keep it upto date, so if you have any more information, please leave a comment. It is also important that you read the remarks below the table to get a complete picture.

Online Broker Brokerage for Delivery Brokerage for Intraday trading MMC*

ZERO in equity & 1/- per lot in F&O ZERO in equity & 1/- per lot in F&O

brokerage charges 20 Rs / Order 20 Rs / Order
R K Global Shares & Securities
brokerage charges 9 Rs / Lot 9 Rs / Lot NIL
SBICAP Securities
brokerage charges 0.50% 0.10% NIL
brokerage charges 0.03% - 0.50% 0.03% - 0.10% NIL
Motilal Oswal
brokerage charges 0.30% - 0.50% 0.03% - 0.15%
5 paisa
brokerage charges 0.25% - 0.85% 0.07%
Angel Broking
brokerage charges 0.50% 0.02% - 0.03%
ICICI direct
brokerage charges 0.75% 0.15%
brokerage charges 0.25% - 0.50% 0.05% - 0.10%
HDFC Securities
brokerage charges 0.50% 0.15%
UTI Securities
brokerage charges 0.80% 0.15%
brokerage charges 0.20% - 0.30% 0.02% - 0.03%
Reliance Money
brokerage charges 0.01% 0.01% card system
brokerage charges 0.30% 0.03%
brokerage charges 0.50% 0.10% -
brokerage charges Rs 25 to 15 per order Rs 25 to 15 per order -
MMC=Minimum monthly commitment.
Brokerage is usually negotiable: Several of you trying to choose an online broker and open an online trading account must have been frustrated trying to search for the exact brokerage charges charged by various online brokers. But the fact is the brokerage charged by the same broker varies and in several cases is negotiable. For example if you go and tell a brokerage house that you are going to deposit 2 lakh rupees and try to convince them you are going to trade heavily, they might consider reducing your brokerage. That is why in the above table you will find only a range for the brokerage charges in some cases. But that should be enough to get an idea.
Effective brokerage with taxes is more: In addition to the above brokerage charges you will have to pay STT (Securities Transaction Tax) at the rate or 0.02% of the total transaction amount. You will also be charged 12.5% Service Tax on the brokerage amount (and not on the transaction amount). For example, if your brokerage is 0.50% for delivery and you do a delivery transaction of Rs.100/- then the total brokerage you pay is 0.50 (brokerage) + 0.02 (stt) + 0.063 (service tax) = 0.58. Thus your effective brokerage (including all taxes) will be 0.58%. Similarly for brokerage on intraday transactions.

Documents needed to open a brokerage account

To open a brokerage (demat) account you will need to furnish copies of the following documents.

1. PAN card - this is a mandatory requirement. (Here is NSDL's official site to apply for a PAN card.)
2. address proof - you may submit a copy of one of the following to fulfill this requirement
voter id card
ration card
driving license
telephone or electricity bill