I frequently get asked this question.

And forwards and conspiracy theory that Zerodha does something intentionally or may go bankrupt and so on.

I am just penning down a few facts here.

  • Zerodha is debt free and fully owned by Nithin and his brother Nikhil

  • For almost first 5 years, they operated with a single office in Bangalore. Most branches in other cities even today are partner run. They run on a very low capital model, with their scalability requiring very minimal cost in just Unix / Linux Servers. They focus mostly on tech and offering new features for Retail clients

  • NSE releases the data of active client base of each broker and Zerodha is the top broker in India today and has toppled ICICI Securities

  • ICICI is 8000 Crores in Market Cap today (March 2019), which means Zerodha is already valued at 10,000 Crores today and Nithin / Nikhil combined are already into top 100 richest in India

  • 3 years from now, if Zerodha hits IPO market, they should be valued anywhere between 20,000 Crores to 50,000 Crores (my rough estimate) and Nithin / Nikhil combined will be among the top 10 richest in India

  • Nithin / Nikhil combined may someday topple Ambani and may become the richest Indian as well

Most conspiracy theory forwards are totally wrong. Why?

Assume yourself to be in Nithin / Nikhil position. Why would i ruin my reputation and valuation and risk myself going to Jail, by doing something stupid like manipulating something, sell out data to HNI / FII / whomsoever.

All this when i own a debt free company, growing at 100% or more and i am on my path to topple Ambani