Your Feedback & Suggestions - Feedback for your book "Art of stock investing" in COMMUNITY CENTER - Dear Mani, Thankyou for sharing the pdf version of the book. As a beginner i really liked the language in ...
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Feedback for your book "Art of stock investing"

  1. Feedback for your book "Art of stock investing"

    Dear Mani,

    Thankyou for sharing the pdf version of the book. As a beginner i really liked the language in the book, its simple and efficient to deliver your thought and ideas. The examples and the calculations are fairly easy to understand. I really like your approach. I started investing since Sep 2014 so i am fairly a beginner. With help of my friend with a lot of experience i started on this path and its remarkable to see the striking similarities in the investment approaches. Its really that simple yet somehow people are not able to follow it properly (at times it includes me)

    I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to know about stock market to read this book, its a great insight into the stock markets and how to begin with it.

    I have spent a lot of reading and watching videos to find out the intrinsic value or the right value of the company and also what is the right price for a company to buy, your simple approach on EMA really makes a lot of sense. I am reading this after 5 years you have written it and clearly i can see each of the stock example which you have in your book has gone up manyfolds.

    However i have few feedbacks about the very last part where you ask to sell when the P/E of the index goes at a certain high point.
    1. But then not all stocks in your portfolio would be +ve, so if you sell out your winners you still end up with the -ve ones in your portfolio
    1. How would you achieve compounding if you sell off all your stake, given you mentioned compounding as a great factor to increase and accumulate wealth.
    1. Finally wont you missout on the dividend, given you sell off your stories/stocks

    Once again, i really enjoyed reading through it and would like to follow the approaches mentioned. They already are in line with my fundamentals of investing. It was a very good read.

  2. Thanks for your kind feedback ... yes, i modified the exit part in later versions .... to probably only exit partially when Nifty PE above 24 .... and not to exit fully ....

    totally right on the fact that we can never build a portfolio, if we choose to exit completely .... esp when you wanna build a growing portfolio ...

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