LinkedIn is a social networking website, like Facebook and Twitter. Unlike Facebook, we use LinkedIn on rare occasions. Yet, today, LinkedIn is one forth the size of Facebook in-terms of valuations (25 Billion USD). LinkedIn profits have surged from 3 Million USD to 21 Million USD in the last 2 years.

LinkedIn has thrived at a time when Orkut lost it totally to Facebook. So, how did LinkedIn flourish in its own way?

LinkedIn focused the platform for users to literally put in their resume of educational qualifications and help connect to friends in the same company or friends you know.

Their platform does not flood users with Ads, and their major source of income is from recruiters who are looking to recruit suitable resources for job openings. Its very similar to in India, but LinkedIn operates it globally.

Now lets see what separates LinkedIn from other recruiting platforms like
  • Its the Social Networking feature, that lets LinkedIn grow in a viral fashion, just like Facebook
  • Pretty cool interface on web and mobile apps
  • Does not flood users with Ads, which can be annoying
  • From a recruiters perspective, LinkedIn becomes more reliable source of genuine leads than someone like Naukri, which can have more possibility of fake profiles.

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