CMP: 4.50

Basant Agro Tech (India) Ltd. manufactures and distributes fertilizers. The Company produces nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium based fertilizers. Basant Agro also researches and develops hybrid seeds and produces electricity with wind generators.

Basant Agro is a 40 Crore penny cap stock trading at a P/E of less than 5 with dividend yields of nearly 2% in the last 12 months. It runs at a debt of 90 Crores with just 2 Crores cash in hand, which makes it a risky bet. Revenues have risen from 109 Crores to 276 Crores in the last 5 years. Profits have risen from 5 Crores to nearly 8 Crores in the last 5 years. Profit margins have dipped from over 4% to less than 3% in the last 5 years. Recent quarter results have been in line with growth.