Hello All,

I am a newbie here, I have seen few of Mani's videos especially for the Options expiry day strategy. I am excited to try my 1st trade on the 28th Jan 2016. My understanding of MIS is that if I have 50K I can trade up to 200K (i.e. 50x4) for intraday.

What I am struggling to understand is the MIS margin applicable on the total margin or only on the SPAN Margin? Is this applicable even on the exposure margin?

I just did a check on zerodha for short sell 7300 PUT of 375 units. It says SPAN Margin = 1,13,006 + Exposure Margin = 83,503 = Total Margin of 1,96,509 Can I execute this trade with MIS though I just have 50K cash in my trading account.

Appreciate your response thanks.