Options - Option Strategy Guide in Derivatives - Happy Diwali Using Nest Trading Terminal. Zerodha is my Broker Need Help in Option Strategy. Newbie in Option...mostly trade in ...
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Option Strategy Guide

  1. Option Strategy Guide

    Happy Diwali

    Using Nest Trading Terminal.
    Zerodha is my Broker

    Need Help in Option Strategy. Newbie in Option...mostly trade in Commodity

    Where to Execute the Option Buy/Sell Order,

    I have seen the video of BSE2NSE 1 Rupee IntraDay Trading Youtube Video.
    I would like to thanks to ManiKandan.

    Anyways, i want to try it out.

    Now i Select


    Buy(F1)--FUTIDX--NIFTY--30oct2014--50(Quantity)--Price(0.00 market closed)--Market Lot(50)

    What is Order Type SP--2L--3L
    What is NRML--MIS
    What is Validity IOC--DAY--COL

    Should i Submit order expecting Price 50 Rupees, and it will deduct Rs2500?

    If this is the possibility, then why other go for 8020(23oct2014 Nifty Price)x50= 4 Lac around.

    What are the benefit for Option Strategy.

    I know the basic: dont have obligation to buy, obligation to sell etc etc...

    Need in simple language ....

    Thanks for reading the Long Essay type query

  2. FUTIDX is futures and not options ... You can still trade on Futures with fixed target of say 6 Rs in Futures per lot ( 6 x 50 = 300 Rs ) which will be 200 Rs in profits after tax ... which amounts to 2% profits per day ... 200 Rs profits on a capital of 10,000 Rs ...

    NRML is to hold positions overnight ... MIS is for intra-day (Margin Intraday Squareoff) - forced square off by system at 3:20 PM ...

    Watch the below 2 videos to understand Options and Futures

  3. Hey Mani,

    i have seen several videos, and read may forum, but your way of teaching is superb. Just one video of yours and 90% doubt are clear out.
    Thanks for sharing such an informative video.

    Later i realised that if i open account by your reference, then i would get Rs3000 freebies , but unfortunately i missed the opportunity.
    Now, i would like to say thanks to you for your kind effort.

    I use to trade in MCX and now i am in loss of 9k. After i studied hard and find what i am doing mistake while trading. Now i realised why most of the trader fail in MCX volatile market.

    Yet by studying Nifty, i came to know, its not rocket science to learn nifty trades.
    But as i said earlier, i am not familiar in Nifty, so any help to cover losses would boost my confidence.

    Yet i am an Intraday Trader, but my future plan is not to be intraday trader.
    Doing intraday will help me to learn trade, but i know, positional trades are more beneficial.

    Yet as you said, if i stick to 6x50 profit/loss, then i can easily analyse and learn Nifty.
    By Span calculator , it needs around 12k to trade on Nifty.

    The Rocket Science in trading is Options :-(
    very much confused. Saw your video, look like its an easy task, but on Nest, i lost the way...
    Someday i will learn Option trade also :-)

    i dont want to put all eggs in one basket.
    MCX and Nifty Future is more than enough to earn extra buck for a newbie like me to learn trading.


  4. You can practice Options Trading in "NSE Paathshaala" first .... Where you are provided virtual money, to place real time broker interface buy and sell orders ... Options buying is a lot more challenging. So, its advisable to practice first in virtual money

    Watch the below video of ours on "NSE Paathshaala" ... Its free of cost and a great feature provided by NSE Exchange themselves

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