CMP: 481

TTK Healthcare Limited is a diversified healthcare company. The Company manufactures a variety of over-the-counter healthcare products, including condoms, hair creams, cosmetics, herbal tonics, anti-cold and allergy syrups, and shoe care products. The Group also produces heart valve devices, surgical products and devices, as well as prints maps and packaging materials.

TTK Healthcare is an excellent buy in small cap pharma space. Its currently trading at a P/E of 24 with decent dividend yields of close to 1% in the last 12 months. Minimal liability. Revenues have grown slowly and steadily from 211 Crores to 311 Crores over 5 years. Profits have risen up smartly from 3 Crores to almost 15 Crores over 5 years. NPM has risen significantly from well below 2% to almost 5% over 5 years. Buy and hold for long term gains.