CMP: 824

Cadila Healthcare Ltd. manufactures, and markets healthcare solutions ranging from formulations, active pharmaceutical ingredients, vaccines, diagnostics, health and dietetic foods, animal healthcare to cosmeceuticals. The Company's products are available in tablets, capsules, injections, liquids, dry syrups, powders, granules, and ointments.

Cadila Healthcare is a good buy in large-cap pharma space. Its currently trading at a P/E of 31 which is on the higher side as the sector itself does. Decent divided yields of less than 1% in the last 12 months. Manageable liabilities. Revenues have grown steadily from 1246 Crores to 2919 Crores in the last 5 years. Profits have grown more from 165 Crores to 610 Crores backed by NPM growth. NPM has grown from 13% to an impressive 20% in the last 5 years. Buy, accumulate on dips of 20% and hold for long term gains.