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Long term investment Portfolio Assistance Please....

  1. Long term investment Portfolio Assistance Please....

    I would like to focus on few shares for the next few years until 2015. I am a longtime investor.

    Kindly suggest me the best rates to buy the below mentioned stocks.

    1. ACC
    2. Gujarat Ambuja

    1. L & T

    1. SBI
    2. ICICI

    LIC housing

    Tata steel



    Steel Authorities India

    If in your opinion any of the above mentioned stock is not good, kindly suggest me which one to rule out and why?

    Also please suggest me your recommended ones.


  2. Lupin and LIC Housing Finance are very good. RK (Rakesh Jhunjhunwala) holds significant stake in lupin and is a safe buy. You can also look at Titan Ind and CRISIL which also is a significant stake by RK.

    I would ask you to avoid Metals (SAIL and Tata Steel) as the sector itself has been weak. And there's also lots of small players competing in Steel sector. If you wanna buy, buy Tata Steel. L&T although a safe buy i believe has saturated and not a long term buy in my opinion.

    I don't personally like Cement sector

    Banks are right now under pressure. More than SBI and ICICI, HDFC is safer and has better growth prospects. Their past track record in growth and safety is proof enough.

    I am open to suggestions. So pls share your analysis after looking at my comments.


  3. I am a new comer Mani. I do not know any analysis or anything.

    I was looking for someone like you. Suggest me few more sectors like bank (I have decided HDFC).

    I will also consider Lupin and LIC Housing Finance. Kindly suggest me more sectors. Planning for a investment for for 4 or more years.

    Thanks Mani for your special effort to answer me :-)

  4. Asian Paints is very good and almost a monopoly in Paint Industry ....

    Pidilite is another unique stock with good prospects.

    While these are safe, you can also diversify some in "PI Industries" (Read more about it in this forum, search for it) .... Its from the chemical industry with good growth prospects.

    Titan Industries and CRISIL.

    There are not too many good stocks. So i cant think of any more for now ...

    There are a loads of bumpy stocks you can find in this forum, but as a long term investor, i believe you wouldn't be interested.


  5. Il check the PI Industries and will get back to you. Thanks Raman :-)

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