I have sent My Book on Art of Stock Investing to clients in USA, Singapore, Dubai and so on.

I checked the prices with Blue Dart, FedEx and other services.

I found Indian Postal Department to be the cheapest way to send my Book outside India ...

It costs around 600 Rs to send a package of less than 250 grams with Tracking (Speed Post).

Without tracking, it will cost only 200 Rs (Registered Post) ...

The same with Blue Dart (Or) FedEx will very easily cost you around 2000 Rupees.

Unless you are sending something that's absolutely critical and of high value, i would strongly suggest to send overseas courier via Indian Postal Department.

Checkout Indian Postal Department Speed Post Tariff for International delivery at India Post | Premium Products | Speed Post | International Tariff for all countries

Do not feel shy to walk into your nearest Post Office ... I find my local post office to be very helpful and cost effective

Choose and spend wisely