KLCC - Kuala Lumpur City Center
Also popularly known as petronas tower or the twin tower. It is the place to go in Kuala Lumpur. The Malls and the shops in KLCC close by 10 PM. KLCC Aquarium is another place to go (MYR 45 per adult).

Sky-Bridge at Petronas Twin Towers
Experience breathtaking views on the sky-bridge and observation deck. Tickets are on sale daily (except on Mondays). Ticket counter opens at 9 AM. For details, Call +603 2331 8080
International Visitors:
Skybridge (RM10)
Skybridge + Observation Deck (RM40)

KL Tower
The KL Tower is famously known for the "Revolving Restaurant" which i think costs 250 MYR per person and is under renovation now. There's a free shuttle to get to KL Tower. The Observation Tower which is at 250m height costs 45 MYR per person as entry fee.

Genting is a theme park situated up the hills of kuala lumpur. Genting has Casino, Accommodation facilities, movie theaters apart from the entertainment theme park.
Bus transport from "KL Sentral" to Genting costs MYR 9.30 one way including Skyway cost of MYR 5. A Taxi to Genting from KL would cost no less than MYR 250.

KL Bird Park
The KL bird park is another place to go (Entry fee MYR 45). They have all kinds of birds and bird shows. Very near to the KL bird park is butterfly park which is also amazing (Entry fee MYR 20). The Butterfly Park is an excellent place to buy souvenirs.