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Passport Application (Tatkal) Chennai - Things To Know

  1. Passport Application (Tatkal) Chennai - Things To Know

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    Below info in green are my own comments and rest are instructions as in chennai passport office.

    Important Points To Note:
    • For Passport application, register online in cities where online registration is available. To register online, click here. For Chennai, there are two codes "CHENNAI" and "CHENNAI - TATKAL". Use accordingly.
    • In Chennai, the Tatkal Application online is so full that you will get online appointment date only after a month. So plan accordingly. For people with emergency, they allow 40 daily on first come first serve basis. Go at 6 AM and sit on 1st floor stairs and be in the first 40. Tatkal Tokens will be given at 9 AM approx for the first 40.
    • For those with online registration appointment dates, tokens will be given till 11 AM. Be there before 11 AM
    • Birth certificates submitted as proof needs to be sealed by public health department. Old Birth certificates are not accepted. Chennai born residents can get their birth certificates online instantly from Welcome to Corporation of Chennai (Which is accepted at passport office)

    Tatkal Scheme - Applications for Following Services Will be Accepted Under Tatkal Scheme
    A) Applications for issue of fresh passports.
    B) Applications for re-issue of passport in lieu of expired/passport expiring within one year of its validity.
    C) Applications for issue of duplicate passport in lieu of lost/damaged passports.
    D) Applicants for re-issue of passports in lieu of change in name, maiden name to married name, change in signature, change in feature.
    E) Applications for issue of new passport when all pages in existing passport exhausted.

    Instructions to Candidates For Submission Of Passport Application Forms:
    • Photo copies of all supporting documents viz Residence Proof, Date of Birth Proof, Educational qualification Certificates etc. should be furnished, in duplicate.
    • All photo copies of documents should bear the self attestation by applicant.
    • Before you approach the scrutiny counter, please ensure that one set of all photocopies of documents are placed in the application between pages 3 and 4 and the other set in between the two personal particular forms.

    Passports for Minors:
    A) Parents are advised to apply for separate passport for children of all age as the practice of endorsing the particulars of children in the parents passport has been dispensed with
    B) Minors are classified as two categories for the purpose of issuing passport:
    i) Minors up-to age of 15 years
    ii) Minors between age of 15 and 18 years
    C) Passports for minors up-to the age of 15 years will be issued for 5 years or up-to 18 years of age on payment of Rs 600 /-
    D) Passports for minors between the age group of 15 and 18 years will be issued passport valid for 10 years on payment of Rs 10,000/- or up-to 18 years on payment of Rs 600/-

    For Attention of Tatkal Applicants:
    The following documents are required to be furnished for submission of application under Tatkal.
    i) Verification Certificate (As per specimen in Annexure "F" and standard affidavit as per specimen in Annexure "I")

    Applicant also has an option to obtain passport under the tatkal scheme on submission of three documents from 14 + 1 as mentioned below, provided one of the three documents is a photo identity document and at least one of the three is among-st the documents indicated at (a) to (i) and standard affidavit duly attested by a notary public as per specimen in annexure.

    List of 14 + 1 Documents
    a) Electors photo identity card (EPIC)
    b) Service identity cards issued by state/central government, public sector undertakings, local bodies or public limited companies.
    c) SC/ST/OBC certificates
    d) Freedom fighter identity cards
    e) Arms license, and
    f) Property documents such as pattas, registered deeds, etc
    g) Ration Cards
    h) Pension documents such as ex-servicemen's pension book/pension payment order, ex-servicemen's widow/dependent certificates, old age pension order, widow pension order
    i) Railway identification cards
    j) Income Tax identity (PAN) cards
    k) Bank/Kisan/Post Office passbooks
    l) Student identity cards issued by recognized educational institutions
    m) Driving licenses
    n) Birth certificate issued under registration of births and deaths act
    o) Gas connection bill

    Authorities Competent to Issue Verification Certificate
    This verification certificate can be got signed by any of the following
    (1) As under secretary/Deputy Secretary/Director/Joint Secretary/Add. Secretary/Special Secretary/Secretary/Cabinet Secretary to government of India.
    (2) A Director/Joint Secretary/Additional Secretary/ Special Secretary/ Chief Secretary to a State Government.
    (3) A Sub-divisional Magistrate/ First class judicial Magistrate/ Additional DM/District Magistrate of the district of residence of applicant.
    (4) A District superintendent of Police, DIG/IG/DGP of district of residence of applicant.
    (5) A major or above in army, Lt. Commander and above in Navy and Sq. Leader and in Air Force.
    (6) The general manager of a public sector undertaking
    (7) All members of any All India Service or Central Service who are equivalent to or above the rank of an Under Secretary to the Government i.e. in the pay scale of Rupees 10,000-15,200 or above.
    (8) Resident Commissioners/ Additional Resident Commissioners of all State Governments based in Delhi.
    (9) Concerned Tehsildars or concerned SHO's for an applicant staying in the area under his/her jurisdiction.
    (10) The Chairmen of the Apex Business Organizations i.e FICCI, CII and ASSOCHAM in respect of owners, partners or directors of companies that are members of the concerned Chamber in prescribed performed as at Annexure "J"

  2. Passport Pages (Leaves) Exhausted

    For passport pages exhausted, one has to go for "passport re-issue". You can do the same via Passport Tatkal procedure.

    When passport pages are exhausted, a new passport is re-issued (Old passport is cancelled). If any Visa attached to the Old passport is Valid, the the Old passport is stapled along with the new re-issued passport for Visa to be still valid.

    The standard passport contains 36 pages, but frequent travelers can opt for 60 pages (An additional fee of Rs 500/-).

    A Passport is also re-issued if the passport validity expires in date.

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