Books & Training - Art of Stock Investing - Free PDF - Book on Indian Stock Market in MARKETS - Hello Mr. Mani I am Ramchandran. I have just now registered into your site. And also placed for soft copy ...
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Art of Stock Investing - Free PDF - Book on Indian Stock Market

  1. Hello Mr. Mani
    I am Ramchandran. I have just now registered into your site. And also placed for soft copy of your book.
    When can I expect the book please.

  2. should i go for "the intelligent investor" or your "indian stock market-art of investing".i am a beginner and i have read about the intelligent investor that it's the best book on investing.please guide me.

  3. Hi Mani,
    Thanks for such an informative book u provided, it is really helpful.

  4. read your book & loved the simplicity of investing. I have read 40 pages in 12 hours for the first time in my entire life. Great done with ease.

    Thanks mr. Mani.

  5. Mani sir,

    I got the soft copy yesterday and i read it today and its explained in simple way and easily understandable by anyone . I could have seen this site and followed your suggestions before 5 yrs as i already lost 5lac around in last 6 yrs by blindly following tips on websites & newspapers and advisory consultants tips without seeing the fundamentals of the stocks. Now-a-days i am trading in intraday tips ( F& O segment ) only by following some advisory/research company calls even though i am failing in that and also loosing money for service charge. let me know which segment is better to trade and intra-day/short term /long term ) . Now i have just 50k left for trading/investing . so plz help me in recovering the loss.

  6. Hi,

    anyone getting this PDF now a days after submitting the form.. I have tried 3 times in last couple of days and didnt received the pdf.


  7. Hi Mani,

    Yesterday I went through your book and I must say it is very informative for beginners like me. After reading your book i decided to apply that knowledge in the stock market today, so I bought 3 shares of infosys at price of 1039.65. I have used 200 day EMA and have decided on the price of 1039.65. I am ok if i make any mistake in this trade as I am very much interested in learning about stocks. I have one query in the book. In you book, you have mentioned that the right time to sell is based on the P/E of Nifty (i.e. when P/E of Nifty crosses 24). My question here is how to get P/E chart of Nifty with all the years as specified in your book. I tried looking for the P/E chart of Nifty in but was unable to do so. Can you please share the steps to view/create the P/E chart of Nifty in ? Looking for your advice. Thanks in advance.


    Subramaniam A.

  8. Hi Mani,

    I have read your book and i must say that it is very informative for a beginner like me. I have one query on the book. In the book you have mentioned that the best time to sell is when the Nifty P/E ratio is greater than 24. In, i was not able to find the P/E graph of Nifty spanning across 6 years. Can you please suggest where can we get P/E graph of Nifty either in or in some other site.

  9. Yes the book is really awesome..

  10. Hi Mani,

    Thank you for sending the eBook on the same day when I registered for it. Because usually my interest on anything would vanish if I don't get excited on it.

    I have finished reading the book. Before the review I just like to share about my short and pathetic Trading experience.

    I have opened an account on Sharekhan 4 years back and bought 3, 4 stocks. My initial analysis was that 52w or lifetime low stocks would be worth for long time investments.
    After sometime 2 of those stocks were out of the Stock market itself and never traded in exchanges. I then got pissed off and left other stocks as they were.
    After 2 years they were still at lose and I lost my interest on Stock market itself.
    Recently again I got some courage and sold those stocks for lose and left that account itself.

    Now I have opened a Demat account in Zerodha in my wife's name for sentimental purpose . lol.
    Started reading online forums, ratios and many things.
    Bought 4 stocks last week for 20,000 rs and now at lose of 10% within a week . I would say I just got confused myself by reading a lot.
    Somehow seen your video on Youtube and landed in your website and read the book.

    your book is just an eye opener to me. you have explained very neatly to the point without any confusion.
    I have realized now how bad and novice I was while picking the stocks. Just feel that I'm lucky to found your page.
    I am very thankful for your book and I'm confident that I would pick the better stocks in future. Never found this much clarify of info on anywhere online.

    I will go through other info, videos from your site and get some more clarity on Trading. I will get in touch with you to improve my trading skills.


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