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Model Test Paper For BCSM

  1. Model Test Paper For BCSM

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    1. Indian Securities market is one among top______ securities markets of the world.
    Ans Eight

    2. The Bombay Stock Exchange was established in ______
    Ans 1875

    3. Index Futures trading commenced at BSE in the year ____
    Ans 2000

    4. Under Section 31 of The Companies Act, 1956, any company could be of the form except _______
    Ans Trust

    5. The Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd. (BSE) in 1986 came out with a stock index ______
    Ans Sensex

    6. Who cannot be a member?
    Ans A Partnership firm

    7. Insider trading if reported can be investigated by ______
    Ans SEBI

    8. How membership of BSE can be obtained:
    (i) By new membership
    (ii) By nomination
    Ans Either (i) or (ii)

    9. An option that has intrinsic value is
    Ans in-the-money

    10. The base year of SENSEX is _________ and the base value is _____
    Ans 1978-79 and 100

  2. 11. Index calculation frequency for BSE Sensex is _____
    Ans Real Time

    12. A person who combines derivatives with a business risk is a __________
    Ans Hedger

    13. The genesis year for BSE On-Line Trading System was ______
    Ans 1994

    14. The Bombay Stock Exchange was established as a _______
    Ans Voluntary non-profit organization

    15. As of December 31, 2009 the Bombay Stock Exchange was among the top_____ of global exchanges in terms of market capitalization of its listed companies
    Ans Ten

    16. Currently the tick size in the scrip listed on the exchange is ______
    Ans 5 paisa

    17. The 'Z' group was introduced by BSE in ______
    Ans Jul-99

    18. Present and prospective shareholders are mainly concerned with a firm's
    Ans risk and return

    19. The Securities and Exchange Board of India was established in ________
    Ans 1988

    20. A security giving you the right to sell is a ______
    Ans Put option

  3. 21. Which is not a part of Securities market
    Ans Commodity Markets & Real Estate markets

    22. Majority of the powers granted under SCRA are exercisable by______
    Ans DEA

    23. The Companies Act, 1956 does not deal with _____
    Ans Money market

    24. Arbitration at BSE is a ____
    Ans Quasi judicial mechanism

    25. All trading members are required to keep a Base Minimum Capital with the stock exchange is _____
    Ans 10 Lakh

    26. Ratios provide a ______ measure of a company's performance and condition
    Ans Relative

    27. The actual number of scrips listed in BSE PSU Index is
    Ans All PSU stocks in BSE-500 index

    28. Which of the following statements is most correct?
    Ans The SML relates required returns to firms' market risk

    29. The _____ measures the activity, or liquidity, of a firm's inventory
    Ans inventory turnover

    30. In India, BSE pioneered the concept of free-float by launching ________ in July 2001
    Ans BSE TECk

  4. 31. SENSEX became the __________ in India to be based on the globally accepted Free-float Methodology
    Ans Third Index

    32. The market value of which assets can be found by determining future cash flows
    and then discounting them back to the present
    Ans Financial Assets

    33. Time value of money is based on the belief that a rupee that will be received at some future date is worth ____ a rupee today
    Ans Less

    34. Who are the participants in the derivatives market?
    Ans All given options are correct

    35. The _____ is useful in evaluating credit and collection policies
    Ans Average collection period

    36. Variations in accounting methods among firms __________ financial comparisons between firms
    Ans can invalidate

    37. The first market to trade financial futures was the ____
    Ans CME

    38. The processing fee for conversion of membership is Rs. ______
    Ans Zero

    39. Amalgamation / merger (A/M) of two corporate members of the exchange or A&M of a corporate member with non-member company or demerger is governed by
    Ans rule 257 B

    40. BSE contributed what amount towards Broker Contingency Fund?
    Ans Rs 9.51 Crores

  5. 41. The Value at Risk (VaR) Margin is a margin intended to cover ___________ that can be encountered on 99% of the days (99% Value at Risk)
    Ans The largest loss

    42. An investor wants to keep his portfolio return similar to the return from Sensex. He can choose
    Ans A stock with beta of 1.0

    43. ______ is the chance of loss or the variability of returns associated with a given asset
    Ans Risk

    44. The Auction Pay-in and Pay-out takes place on
    Ans T+3 day

    45. Examples of events that increase risk aversion include
    Ans All given options are correct

    46. The Brokersí Capital fund fee for conversion of membership is Rs.___
    Ans 2.5 Lakhs

    47. BSE-500 index represents nearly _____ of the total market capitalization on BSE
    Ans 93%

    48. The _____ value interest factor is the future value of Rs 1 per period compounded at i percent for n periods
    Ans Future

    49. The Give-up entry is also known as ____
    Ans 6A-7A entry

    50. If the equity multiplier is 2.0, the debt ratio must be ___
    Ans 0.5

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