JustDial founded by VVS Mani was an employee of Yellow Pages when he thought of JustDial idea in 1987.

Just Dial allows businesses, websites, anyone offering any kind of service to list for FREE in their search engine. For paid listing, they charge around 2000 per month and in-turn forward all user details in that segment who call Just Dial looking for that service.

Lets assume i have a Mobile Phone shop in Chennai and i have a paid listing with Just Dial.
When a user in Chennai calls Just Dial asking for Mobile shops or accessories, Just Dial will automatically forward the contact details of the user to me. I will in-turn call the caller and try to sell my products.

Lets try to understand some of the key reasons of success to Just Dials prominent emergence among players like Yellow Pages
  • Idea to give Information by Phone was unique. This picked up rapidly as telecom industry grew in India. This typically connected customers and businesses.
  • User instantly gets information or service he is looking for, by SMS
  • Its a huge gain for businesses, as it gets them users who are looking to use or buy a particular service (Hot Customers).
  • JustDial has a Re-seller program where they literally outsource the listing part of businesses to 3rd parties. This allows them to just have call center operations and expand.
  • Picking up the number 88888-88888 for Just Dial was crucial. Easy to remember for customers and helps build user base.
I strongly believe that Just Dial has lots more room to grow and is still a good buy from an investor perspective

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