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Below's the table listing MCX Commodity Futures list with lot size and margin required to trade 1 lot of the same.

As the price of the commodity goes up or down, so does the margin required accordingly. For example, to trade one lot (10 grams) of "GOLDM", one needs cash of 12,006 Rupees assuming the contract is trading at 30,007.

SymbolMargin (%)Lot SizeCMPMargin Required (Rs)
ALUMINI51000 KG1055,260
ALUMINIUM55000 KG10526,300
BRCRUDEOIL5100 BBL585029,250
CARDAMOM8.46100 KG146011,724
COPPER51000 KG42221,127
COPPERM5250 KG4225,281
COTTON525 Bales17,57021,962
CPO51000 KG57128,560
CRUDEOIL5100 BBL492124,605
GOLD4100 Grams30,1991,20,796
GOLDM410 Grams30,00712,006
GOLDGUINEA48 Grams24,037961
GOLDPETAL41 Gram3010121
LEAD55000 KG10726,775
LEADMINI51000 KG1075,355
MENTHAOIL6.47360 KG135431,546
NATURALGAS91250 mmBtu18721,162
NICKEL6250 KG91413,716
NICKELM6100 KG9145,487
POTATO10300 KG145943,764
POTATOTRWR10300 KG120536,165
SILVER530 KG5397480,961
SILVERM55 KG5399713,499
SILVERMIC51 KG539972,699
ZINC55000 KG10325,825
ZINCMINI51000 KG1035,165