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Notice from ICICIDirect
We value and cherish your relationship with It is our constant endeavor to provide you the best in class trading experience.
With effect from August 19, 2011 there is a modification in process of credit or debit of funds to or from your linked savings account on transactions done in Derivatives Segment. The margin required for taking position in Derivatives Segment would be debited from linked account by the end of the day, as against current process of blocking the funds. You will therefore find this as a separate transaction entry in your linked savings account.
As is the process today, limits are available as soon you square off your position. In the new process also, limits will be available as soon as you square off your position and you can at any point of time release any free margin available as a credit to your linked savings account during the day. In case you do not release the free margin available manually, it will be credited back to your account automatically by the end of the day.
Please refer the following screen for the link to credit back the free margin available during the day.

Further details pertaining to these changes are explained in the Frequently Asked Questions.

We would like to reiterate that you can withdraw any excess limit in your trading account and access the funds through the linked savings account at ICICI Bank at any time of the day.