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AMO stands for After Market Order
Reliance securities Limited (RSL) customers can place After Market Orders on NSE & BSE either through:
  • Online: From 5:30 PM onwards on the trading day to till 9:10 AM on the next Trading day, or
  • Call & Trade Desk (022 – 39886000): -From 8:30 AM onwards till 9:10 AM.

The time between 11:30 PM onwards till 4:30 AM will be utilized for system maintenance hence AMO order placement is not available during this time.

All AMO orders will be pushed to market at 9.15 AM when the normal market starts for Cash & Derivative Segments.

Customer can place Limit order or Market order under AMO. However it is advisable to place AMO as Limit order. Placing AMO order as market order might result in your order getting executed at unfavorable price.

Example: on 5th December Infosys closes at Rs. 3400. Suppose a customer placed an AMO market order to buy 50 shares of Infosys. On 6th December the AMO is pushed to the exchange & if that particular order happens to be the first buy trade to hit the market & on the other end first sell trade to hit the market is priced at Rs. 3600 then the buy order would get executed at Rs. 3600 which would result in high buy for the customer.

However customer has to be very careful while placing the limit order as well. There are chances of error such as Infosys closing rate is 3400/- where as customer might place a buy order erroneously at 4400/- and if in opening market such order happens to be first order then shares could be purchased @ 4400/-.

Customer should ensure that price which he is entering is not too high or not too low then the closing price. Hence it is advisable to enter limit orders in the range of +5% or -5% of closing market price.

Customer can also place F&O order under AMO.

AMO provides the convenience to the customer to place orders without having to wait for the market to open.

AMO order is subject to rejection / cancellation, In case sufficient margin is not available in client ledger after the beginning of the day limit calculation process is run. To check the status of your AMO, we request you to refer to order book during market hours.