This year, i filed my own tax returns at ... It was pretty easy in the end and cost me only 25 Rupees (Sending ITR5 by Post).

I am sharing steps where i had queries with ITR1. Below are the steps.
  • Go to the e-filing website mentioned above and register. Your login id will be your PAN no.
  • Download the ITR1 XL sheet utility. For salaried persons, ITR1 is more than sufficient. ITR2, ITR3 & ITR4 will have more sheets to be filled with complicated data for income from other sources which will not be applicable for most of you.
  • Fill in the basic details in the sheets of ITR1 and Validate all sheets. Generate the XML after successfully filling all sheets.
  • Upload the XML sheet to complete online tax filing.
  • After uploading the XML sheet, you will get ITR-V which you need to take a print out, sign manually and send by post to the mentioned address.

Now, Let me share solutions for few queries i had while e-filing my Tax.

1). Where can i fill HRA in ITR1?
Unfortunately, there's no separate field to mention HRA, Conveyance, Food Coupon, LTA & Medical. You can just fill "Income Chargeable Under the Head Salaries" mentioned in your Form 16 at "Income from Salary" in the ITR sheet.

"Income Chargeable Under the Head Salaries" mentioned in your Form 16 will be your Income minus HRA, LTA, Medical, Food Coupon and other non-taxable components.

2). Where can i fill "Interest from House Loan" in ITR1?

3). What is the password of ITR XL sheet?
Well, no one knows. You don't need the password. Fields that are locked (Marked in blue) are not meant to be edited by us. They get calculated based on inputs given by us in other fields (Green).

You can post any queries regarding Online return Filing and i will try to answer them to the best of my knowledge.

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