Fcharts are widely used all over the world alongwith other softwares like Metastock, Advanced get, Amobroker etc.

Below is the formula for "Inside Bar" in Fchart:

Day traders will look forward for a stock which has made inside trading bar in last trading day to find out next days decissive move. Here is a formula for Inside Bar (((H < H[1], (H = H[1], (H - H[1] < 2)), (OR (L > L[1], L = L[1], (C[1] - C) < 2))))). Put the formula in UDI. When its value is -1.0, its a inside Bar, otherwise its value is always 0. To scan inside bar put formula UDI = -1.0 and LastDayOnly = true and find out which are the stocks have formed inside bar in last trading day.