Companies are required to pay 15 per cent of their total advance tax in the first quarter.

HDFC and ICICI banks have seen tax outflow go up 37 per cent to Rs 685 crore and 20 per cent to Rs 600 crore.

Standard Chartered and HSBC have paid Rs 300 crore and Rs 276 crore, respectively. Kotak Mahindra Bank paid Rs 112 crore. (Top advance taxpayers)

Life Insurance Corporation paid Rs 679 crore, a rise of 6.4 per cent

Lupin has paid Rs 78.3 crore, against Rs 38 crore

Bharat Petroleum Corporation saw its tax outflow increase 51.4 per cent to Rs 103 crore

Tata Steelís advance tax remained flat at Rs 270 crore

M&M paid Rs 120 crore, against Rs 90 crore

This financial year, the Mumbai division of the income tax department has a target of Rs 207,545 crore against the Rs 175,000 crore it collected last year.