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    Night Vision Product from NELCO -------Tata Advanced Systems (TAS) formed a strategic alliance V with the American firm ITT Exelis (formerly ITT Corporation until it changed its name in October 2011). The purpose is to supply third-generation NVDs to India, a country with a serious shortage of such equipment. This collaboration will see ITT supplying vision intensifier tubes and other components to India for local production. The Indian Army suffers from acute night blindness. Currently, only one soldier in a ten-man section is authorised to possess an NVG set, but the army wants to increase this ratio to 50% of personnel. Indeed, India is set to spend US $2 billion on night vision equipment over the next five years, although this figure includes thermal sights for tanks. India’s Futuristic Infantry Soldier As a System (F-INSAS) programme nominated Nelco Limited (part of the Tata Group) to develop new-generation NVGs.

  2. High debt levels and inconsistent profits in the past are 2 negative points to consider ...

    However i don't track the news info you have given ... I will definitely consider once the news translates to consistent surge in profits

  3. Okay...Keep a watch---I am having small position at 51.50

  4. NELCO to announce 285 Crore order from Indian Army for making unattended ground sensors that are used by army along the Line of Control in J&K.

  5. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great hit , thanks for the sharing your findings. keep tracking !

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