IPO DATE: Sep 14, 2022 - Sep 16, 2022

Harsha Engineers International Limited aka Harsha is one of the largest manufacturers of precision bearing cages in the organized sector in India. The company was incorporated in 2010. The company is a part of the Harsha Group. The company is amongst the leading manufacturers of precision bearing cages in the world with a market share of approximately 5% to 6% in the organized segment of the global brass, steel, and polyamide bearing cages in terms of revenue.

The product range includes Brass Cages, Steel Cages, Polyamide Cages, and Stamped Components. They supply their products in over 25 countries covering five continents.
They have their manufacturing facilities at Changodar and Moraiya, near Ahmedabad in Gujarat in India. They also have a production facility through a subsidiary in Changshu, China, and a step-down subsidiary in Ghimbav Brasov in Romania.
They have two segments of businesses The engineering business and the Solar EPC business. They supply their products in the industries such as automotive, railways, aviation & aerospace, construction, mining, agriculture, electrical and electronics, and renewables sectors.

Object of this issue:

Prepayment / repayment of all or a portion of the outstanding borrowings of the
company to be availed on consolidated basis.
To meet common corporate objectives.

Company Financials:

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Harsha Engineers IPO Lot Size:

The Harsha Engineers IPO lot size is 45 shares. A retail-individual investor can apply for up to 13 lots (585 shares or ₹193,050).

How to apply for IPO?

1. ASBA - All you have to do is, know if your demat is with NSDL or CDSL. Make a note of your Demat ID/DP ID/BO ID - 16 digit number from your broker terminal. Once you have these 2 information, go ahead and apply from your internet banking. One advantage in this process is that, once you submit the application, process ends there and amount gets blocked. While in UPI, you need to get mandate from your bank and need to authorize on time. Many parties are involved in UPI process (Bank, broker, 3rd party UPI app provider etc) and there are chances of delayed UPI mandates. This is a recent process and will take time to settle. Till then, it is better to apply from net banking, but ensure you enter correct 16 digit DP ID.

List of banks that support ASBA. https://www.bsesme.com/static/getlis...x?expandable=0

2. UPI - Visit your broker terminal, select the IPO, enter UPI ID and other bid details to submit the application. Wait for mandate to arrive on UPI app. Approve the mandate to block the amount.

Refer to this video to apply for IPO using UPI at Zerodha.