CMP: 530

MindTree Limited is an international IT company. The Company delivers business and technology solutions through global software development. MindTree develops applications to help companies enhance their enterprise operations. The Company also delivers product-development services and designs reusable building blocks for high-tech companies.

Mind Tree is a decent mid-cap IT bet trading at a P/E of 12 with decent dividend yields. It runs at nearly Zero debt with 44 Crores cash in hand. Revenues have steadily risen from 590 Crores to 1509 Crores in the last 5 years. Profits have risen from 90 Crores to 123 Crores in the last 5 years. NPM has dipped from 15% to 8% over the last 5 years. Last 2 quarter results of 2012 have been very strong backed by NPM surge. Buy and hold as the profit surge continues.