LiquidBees is a very good instrument to have in Trading / Demat account, used for various reasons like Cash Reserve and options selling traders can buy Liquid Bees & pledge it and use to increase returns by say 5% a year.

There are a few common queries like below.

1) How are the returns paid - as units or cash ?
  • It is given as additional units

2) Are the units given only as whole units, or decimal is also there
  • Decimal units are also given, but i think selling can be done in only whole units

3) Do i get dividends from the day of buying it or is there a cut off date from when dividends are calculated
  • I bought it on 22nd Feb and i got a statement for Dividend units being calculated from 25th Feb
Attaching snapshot of my LiquidBees statement. Can help give some clarity and answer few of your queries

If you have any other queries on LiquidBees, kindly post on this thread. Will try and answer to the best of my knowledge