I used to be very satisfied with Airtel broadband for years, but their service levels have dipped over the years.

Naming Plans as Un-Limited with download limit to say 20 GB, just makes it a little more worse.

Mostly, Airtel has been dominating purely because of lack of good alternatives.

Recently, i shifted houses and my 1st automatic choice again became Airtel. But, i was very disappointed to find that, they took the advance 1 month payment and delayed installation for a month. Finally, i was told the wiring to my house is pending local authority approval.

Finally, i got fed-up and asked for refund which i got promptly.

Then, i started looking for alternatives and a good long term solution for broadband at home. I found a local contact number for broadband and found it to be Tikona with really good pricing and plans.

I took the gamble to try Tikona 2 mbps plan with unlimited download for 999 Rs per month. Tikona claims to provide this service as 4G wireless.

I am pleased to report that the installation was done promptly. The speed so far has been rocking. They had a Wireless distribution antenna setup in a near-by house. An antenna receiver was set-up in my home terrace. A coaxial cable is taken from the antenna receiver and brought inside the house, where its connected to a switch, which in-turn is connected to a wireless router.

So far, its been really good in-terms of pricing and speed. Rather than alternative to Airtel, i can say its better than Airtel so far (Pricing 30% cheaper than Airtel, with very good connectivity).
Only thing is, you just have to follow-up with the local installation guy.

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Below's the 4G truly Unlimited Plan rates by Tikona

PS: The local distribution antenna was very close to my house and may be the reason for good connection. When you take the connection, i cannot guarantee the same experience. Do not blame me, if you have a bad experience with Tikona. It is up to you.