Stock Market sentiments are the average sentiments of Investors all across the world with varying weight-age based on their investment capacities. Today's Markets are are powered by Greed and Fear. Greed pushes markets UP and Fear pushes Markets Lower.

It's a known fact that,
  • Bad Stocks Rise more than Good Stocks when Markets are on the rise (Positive Sentiments).
  • Bad Stocks Fall a lot more than Good Stocks when Markets are on the way down (Negative Sentiments)
  • Majority of the Stocks or Companies are bad or unworthy of being invested in.
  • Eventually, the Good Stocks shadow the Bad one's in the longer run.
  • Accumulation strategy never works on bad stocks and is a brutal blunder which will erode your investments away.

One should never judge a stock based on stock price movement and never have sentiments towards a stock. Staying sane and un-biased is a critical quality for a wise investor or trader.