We started trading with absolutely no knowledge and learnt practically in the stock markets from mistakes we made, reading numerous articles and became better investors over years. We offer all that in a day's training session. After this training session, you will gain knowledge that we gained over years. The duration of planned training session is for 8 hours (Ideally a Day). If the Training attendees have more to discuss, we can stretch it for another day.

The agenda of the training Sessions and Classes will be as below,

Fundamental Analysis of Indian Stock Market & Equities
  • What is Sensex & Nifty (We'll run through a presentation to clarify basic understanding of functioning of Stock Markets)
  • How to Read Balance Sheet & Financials of a Company
  • P/E Analysis of Indian Stock Index (Sensex & Nifty). Decisive indicator on when to buy and when to sell.
  • Understanding P/E of specific stocks

Technical Analysis of Indian Stock Market & Equities
  • EMA Analysis to Predict Short Term Support and Resistance Levels.
  • Elliot Wave theory for long term Chart Analysis.

We'll run through practical examples to show how to use EMA and Elliot Wave theory.

Trading Derivatives - Futures and Options
  • What is Futures and Options?
  • Various Options Strategies
    • Intraday Options Strategy based on EMA Analysis.
    • Straddle Strategy on Options

The charges for the training session is nominal at Rs 8000. We'll schedule the Training Session date on the last weekend of every month (Between Sunday & Saturday).
Those who make payment 5 days before last weekend will be included in that months session (We need the advance time to arrange for conference rooms and logistics). Thanks for understanding.

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Beneficiary Name: Manikandan R
ICICI Acc no: 004701044730
Branch: Koramangala, Bangalore.
IFSC Code: ICIC0000047